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The Cured Card Game 

Laugh About What Ails You!

  • Fun
  • Creative
  • Competitive
  • Strategic

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The Cured Card Game - Laugh About What Ails You!


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 The Cured Game -
How to Play
The Cured Card Game Wildcards

1. Choose a Condition
2. Draw a Treatment Card
3. Convince the other
players that the Treatment will cure the Condition (if you can)
4. You’re cured!

Be the first to treat all your condition to be CURED!  But beware of pandemics, infections and twists and turns as other players try to do the same.

To win you must:

  • Survive the strategic play of others.

  • Secure your own health with great stories and explanations.

  • Collect special wildcards to help gain advantage over unseen circumstances.

  • Special Wildcards can reverse direction, cause a player to skip a turn, cure a condition, and completely disrupt the play or the game.  Are you ready for playful interactions and be CURED!?

  • For 3-8 players

Cured Game Cards Examples
The Cured Card Game Condition Card Example
The Cured Card Game Treatment Card Example

But  watch Out...!

The Cured Card Game Wildcard Card Example

The Cured Card Game - What People Are Saying

The Cured Card Game - What People Are Saying

“We laughed way too hard. so much fun and excited to play it with more people?”

“This game is a lot of fun!”

“Fast paced. A lot of fun! Uses creative juices and imagination. I like it!

“100% involvement for all players.”

“Very interactive, kept everyone engaged.”

“Cured! Really fun! Great social situations”

“Fun! and relevant.”

The Cured Card Game Ideas

100% of Net Proceeds Donated to
Cancer Research
  • Fun, engaging activity for all ages 8+

  • A fantastic ice-breaker for reunions and parties

  • Terrific and thoughtful,  gift for friends, family, seniors

  • Perfect for nursing and rehab socialization

  • Energizing discussion topics for Activity Directors

  • Active Involvement for Social Groups, Clubs

  • Reliable tools for therapists and therapy groups

The Cured Card Game Ideas

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