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I'm fundraising to help cure cancer faster!I’m participating in Fred Hutch Obliteride, a bike ride and 5K walk/run that empowers people to help cure cancer faster by raising funds for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Please donate today to support my efforts!


There are two ways for you to make a donation:
1. Donate directly through me.

2. Go to and order Cured Game - Laugh About What Ails You. !00%. of my net proceeds will go directly to Fred Hutch. At Checkout you will see a choice of where to direct your donation. Simply select "Team Perk". This way, in addition to making a donation, you'll also get to enjoy the play of the game!


I'm proud to be part of Obliteride because too many people are affected by cancer, and 100% of every dollar I raise will help advance prevention, detection, treatment, and cures. I chose to fundraise for Fred Hutch because for almost 50 years, they have been working at the leading edge of cancer research and care. Every day, Fred Hutch experts are looking beyond limits to deliver groundbreaking research, compassionate care, and healthier lives for every person in every community – and you and I can help! Funds raised through Obliteride have supported hundreds of projects at Fred Hutch, including:Urgently needed research and clinical advances for dozens of cancers and disease areas, including breast, colon, head and neck, and prostate cancers.Partnerships that increase health equity and reduce disparities.


Advances in patient care, including diagnostics, surgery, and follow-up.Unprecedented breakthroughs in data science, from using AI to uncover new therapies to personalized models that allow doctors to target and customize treatments....And they’re just getting started! Fred Hutch won’t stop until there are treatments and cures for every person who needs them. I’m ready to make a difference, and I know you are, too!


Please donate today, support my Obliteride, and join me in putting this disease in its place: behind us.


Thank you!

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