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The Cured Game Instructions


Object of the game: Each participant starts the game with health Conditions that can be treated through the play of the game. To win, be the first player to get rid of all your Condition Cards.

 How to Play:

Dealer distributes six Condition Cards (blue). (four Condition cards if 6-8 Players) The Player to the left of the dealer plays first.




  • A Treatment Card is drawn on every turn.

  • Only one Condition can be “Cured” per turn.


If you can convince a majority of Players that the Treatment will help “Cure” the Condition, you are “Cured” of that Condition. Discard both cards AND draw a Wildcard.


At the discretion of the other Players, after a condition is cured, if a Player forgets to take a Wildcard before the next Player draws, the Wildcard opportunity is lost. 


If you cannot convince a majority of Players, you are not cured; you do not get to draw a Wildcard.  Retain the Condition card and discard the Treatment card.


After using a Treatment Card, you may also play a Wildcard (only one), then your turn is over.


Wildcards are strategic. (hint: You may want to save your Wildcards for later in the game.)


When a Player, during their turn, is left with one remaining Condition card, the Player must alert the other Players by saying, “I’m almost Cured”. If that declaration is not made prior to the next Player drawing a Treatment card, the non-declaring Player must draw a Condition card.


When a Player “Cures” their final Condition, they are declared the winner.


For additional clarity, refer to the Strategies document.

Types of cards in The Cured Card Game

The Cured Game Strategies​


Condition Cards - These cards must be “Cured” to win the game.


Treatment Cards - Read aloud when drawn, and perform different functions:

1.     Used to treat a Condition

2.     GET WELL! cards will “Cure” a Condition.



Hint: Some Wildcards are best if saved for later in the game.

 Use a Wildcard to: 

·      Cause a Player to miss their turn or draw additional Condition cards

·      Change direction of play

·      Shake up the game


1.     SECOND OPINION - This card overrides a group challenge to Treatment explanation and allows you to be cured of that Condition.

2.     CONTAGIOUS - Play this card to give one of your Condition cards to any other player. They now have this Condition, and you now have one fewer Condition.

3.     INFECTION - Play this card on any other Player. They are now infected and must draw one additional Condition card.

4.     PANDEMIC - All Players, except the one who plays it, must draw two additional Condition cards. Play moves on to the next player.

5.     MEDICATION SIDE-EFFECT - Play this card to replace a Condition card with a new one, chosen at random from the stack.

6.     SHUFFLE - Play this card on the entire group. Condition cards from all Players are combined and re-dealt by the Player who plays the card.  This will re-distribute the number of cards each player has.

7.     SKIP TURN - Play this card on the Player next to you, who must skip their turn.

8.     CHANGE DIRECTION - On your turn, use to reverse the direction of play.

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