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Laugh About What Ails You!

I am four years old. I’ll be five on January 13, 2025. That is the date, four years ago, that my body “reset” after my stem-cell transplant for treatment of multiple myeloma. That’s a rare blood cancer of the plasma cells in my bone marrow that create anti-bodies that rule my immune system. There is no cure… yet. For now, I am in remission, and all those plasma cells are behaving themselves. So, I take my chemo pills every day and get on with my life.

I don’t focus on my condition, but many people tend to make their health issues a major topic of conversation.

I like to have fun and be around people who bring me joy. With that as a backdrop, I decided that if people want to talk about their ailments, perhaps I can help them to have fun while they are doing it. So, I created The Cured Game – Laugh About What Ails You!

The most important feedback about The Cured Game is that folks laugh and laugh throughout the play of the game. This is not just gratifying for me, but according to a wide spectrum of research and data, laughter is also therapeutic and healthy. Laughter is the great elixir, and I am fortunate to be in a position to add my small part in its dissemination!

I have discovered a deeper level of joy with the knowledge that I can bring laughter to the world. So, I guess I am in the laughter business. I’m thrilled with the idea of illuminating the lives of people with a game that is sure to bring fun and laughter.


Laugh About What Ails You! Find your own cure.

Allan Shelley creator of The Cured Card Game
Allan Shelley
Creator of The Cured Game
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